Make Your Computer Run Like New Again!

It’s time to kick your sluggish PC into High Gear!

Is your PC nowhere near as fast as it was when you first bought it? Remember how applications used to snap open in the blink of an eye?

As computer experts with more than 25 years of combined experience, we've seen this a million times. This site is designed to help you understand how your computer works better than ever before and getting it back to running like new!

Get started with our Top 10 Causes for a Slow PC.

Jump-start your PC

Windows is great when it's running in tip-top shape...but over time your PC takes a beating, constantly getting clogged with residue from old data, corrupted core system files and directories, not to mention the havoc spyware and viruses can wreak. Have you noticed that error messages have started to pop up when you boot up, shut down, launch programs, or go online? In some particularly acute cases, your PC could end up unuseable.

So, you're presented with some tough choices:

  • Take it down to the computer repair shop and go without it for 10 days or more
  • Call your PC's manufacturer for help, only to find out they don't support "software issues"
  • Use an application monitoring program to see what's running on your PC
  • Toss it, buy a new one, and start over only to end up in the same boat three months from now.

We think these options stink!

There is a better way! On PCTuneUpTips.com you'll find articles and utilities to help you get your slow, error-laden PC back to running in racing condition. There are more things you can personally do to bring your computer back to life than you realize: fixing errors, increasing your computer's startup times, internet connection speed, and rooting out badware like spyware and viruses. You can do it!

There are some terrific benefits to using cutting-edge tools and tips to speed up your PC yourself:

  • Save time! Get everything running like it used to in minimal time
  • Save all your data: don't nuke your PC, and reload all your settings from scratch
  • You don't need to bug your computer expert friends and family anymore!
  • Save your money! Use free diagnostic tools and utilities to isolate problem areas

We've also gone to the trouble of evaluating many of the top downloadable utilities out there as well like our recent overview of Device Doctor and .zip password recovery, to find out what works best so you don't have to.

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