Fatal Exception Errors

What is a Fatal Exception Error?

Fatal exception errors often occur during your computer’s shutdown process, when you boot your computer, or when you launch a program in Windows. These annoying errors often read like this:

  • ‘A fatal exception KRXZ has occurred at 0000:xxxxxxx3’

Fatal exception errors usually appear due to software programs trying to do things like this:

  • A program attempts an 'illegal operation', not understood by the operating system
  • A software program tried to get access to “junk” or non-working sections of a program's source code
  • The permissions for accessing a certain area of software program code aren’t set up correctly

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What causes Fatal Exception errors?

In the above scenarios, your computer rejects what a software program is trying to do, and lets the Windows operating system know it isn’t happy. Windows then gives you a fatal exception error dialog message.

How to manually fix Fatal Exception errors:

Fatal exception errors are very difficult to troubleshoot.

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Usually, these types of Windows errors are not recoverable and you have to manually restart by doing the following:

  1. Press and hold down your computer’s power button for about 5 seconds.
  2. You will notice the computer manually power down.
  3. Once it’s fully shut down, press and release the start button on the computer to restart Windows.

Fatal exception errors can be caused by certain kinds of settings, including those in the Windows registry system, that are loaded automatically when your computer starts. Keeping your Windows registry clean and controlling the number of programs that load at Windows startup can help greatly.

PC optimization programs like RegCure (free download) can help you easily control what programs Windows is allowed to load automatically at startup and optimize and compress your registry system for optimum performance.