Top 10 PC Cleanup Tips

What regular things can you do to keep your PC running in new condition?

At PCTuneUpTips we recommend the following tips for regular maintenance:

  1. Defragment your hard drive weekly
  2. Use ScanDisk to search for and fix hard drive problems
  3. Clean out your temporary files folder

    *Recommended Windows Cleaner

  4. Check the number of applications loading at startup, disable any unnecessary apps

    Use RegCure to Control Windows Start-up programs

  5. Keep your computer fans clear of dust, hair and debris, make sure airflow is good so your hardware doesn’t overheat causing errors
  6. Run a weekly spyware scan to ensure you haven’t picked anything up while surfing or downloading

    Our Recommendation: Free Spyware Scan with XoftspySE

  7. Reboot at least once a week to clear any fragments of non-running programs

  8. Turn on Windows Automatic Updates to ensure you have the latest performance patches and hardware driver updates

  9. Clean your Internet Explorer cache and temp files

    Use WinClear to remove Internet History and Temp Files

  10. Ensure there are no large files stored on your Windows desktop, these can slow performance dramatically