Program Not Repsonding Error Messages

Why is my computer continually giving me these ‘Program not responding’ messages and freezing up?

In the midst of everyday use almost all computer systems, memory and software end up causing your PC or the software programs you’re trying to run to stop responding, give you a “program not responding” error message. This is usually displayed in brackets in the application title bar and usually means only the program you’re currently using is frozen. Often any unsaved information your entering into these applications will be lost as well.

A corrupt or overloaded windows registry system can very often cause software programs to become unstable, leading to “program not responding” error messages and other errors that pop up on your windows operating system.

Can I manually fix “Program not responding” errors?

If the program you’re using is giving you a “program not responding” error in brackets in the title bar of the currently open application window, you can wait (not clicking anything else) for a few minutes and see if it becomes responsive again.

If, after time, the program still does not respond, you can terminate the running program by doing the following:

Simultaneously press the CTRL and ALT keys and then press DELETE (CTRL+ALT+DELETE)

This will bring up the Windows task manager, where you can click to select the unresponsive application and click the ‘end program’ to terminate it manually.

If this doesn’t work, and CTRL+ALT+DELETE doesn’t seem to bring up the task manager, or doing anything responsive, you will have to press and hold down your PC’s power button for 5 seconds or so while the machine powers off manually. Pressing and releasing the power button again to reboot the computer should return you to Windows.

After an emergency manual shutdown, it’s a good idea to run a Scandisk (open my computer, right click on your C: drive and select error check and defragment from the available options), to ensure any damage to your hard drive’s file system is repaired.