Uninstall Errors

What are uninstall errors?

You may have noticed that some programs you’re trying to uninstall just don’t want to go quietly. They give you all kinds of error messages telling you that the programs are either “still in use” or couldn’t be uninstalled due to some other vague problem.

What causes uninstall error messages?

When you choose to uninstall a software program, the program will typically look to some instructions in your Windows registry to tell it how to cleanly remove itself from your computer without leaving a collection of residual files and other remnants. If your Windows registry is corrupt or bloated, the software may not be able to find the appropriate directions to remove itself from your computer, resulting in uninstall errors.

How to manually fix uninstall errors:

Reinstalling the application and then trying to uninstall it again may work in some cases. When a program is reinstalled over top of itself, it usually resets the uninstall instructions so it knows how to uninstall properly.

Locating and removing the application’s folder in the C:/Program Files folder, followed by manually removing the associated Windows registry keys may also work.

CAUTION: manually editing your Windows registry could lead to corrupting the entire registry system. Always make a backup of your Windows registry before editing it manually.

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