Fix Windows Errors

What causes Windows errors?

Windows is a complex system that can sometimes break due to incompatible software being installed, incorrect usage or improper installation. Windows will show you error messages to identify what you need to do to fix the problem (see the error message list below).

You can fix some of these errors yourself - just browse our articles on the left for step-by-step instructions. Often, the simplest and quickest way to resolve Windows errors is to download software specifically made for that purpose.

What about total system crashes?

Total Windows system crashes can strike fear into the hearts of even the most seasoned IT professional, let alone home users. With Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows ME/98, crashes can result from deep file system damage or corruption to the Windows HIVE, registry or dll system, in some cases causing a never-ending cycle of reboots. Blue screens are often the result, displaying cryptic error and HIVE code messages.

Error List

  • MS Office Error
  • Script Error
  • Shell Error
  • File in Use Error
  • Certificate Error
  • Protection Error
  • Spool32 Error
  • Kernel32 Error
  • Java Error
  • COM Error
  • Crypt32 Error
  • Type Two Error
  • Read Error
  • Gateway Error
  • DOS Error Codes
  • Driver Error
  • Error 619
  • Error 678
  • Atapi Command
  • Timeout Error
  • Fatal Error
  • Pagefile Error
  • Virtual Memory Error
  • Socket Error
  • Winsock Error